Leandra Ashton

Compassionate Care Ambassador
In November 2020 Leandra’s mother – an ex-nurse – was arrested for taking her own mother out of her care home a day before the 2nd lockdown.

Carol Boyce

Homeopathy Ambassador
Carol trained as a scientist, with post grad research in biological anthropology. Having been diagnosed with an incurable disease at 24, Carol spent her late twenties looking for answers.

Garuth Chalfont, PhD

Dementia Ambassador
Garuth Chalfont, PhD is a health researcher and founder of the Dementia Pioneers

Helen Gibson

Mental Wellbeing Ambassador
Helen began in finance, but soon realised that she was more interested in the figures in humanity than the ones on paper.

Nickita Starck

Pregnancy & Birth Ambassador
Nickita Starck is founder of When Push Comes To Shove – the fastest growing alternative maternity structure in the world.

Lisa Steel

Naturopathic Ambassador
Lisa is Clinical Director of Health Optimising UK, and one of the UK’s leading Naturopathic Doctors.

June Tranmer

Children, Teens & Young Adults Ambassador
June has been involved in alternative healthcare since 1987. Widely travelled she brings with her a wealth of experience & learnings from other cultures. After her Linguistics degree, she took up nursing training in mental health.

Robito Chatwin

Hypnotherapy Ambassador
Robito is a travelling hypnotherapist with a successful freedom-focused hypnosis approach offering online emotional detox, stress/trauma release and inner guidance sessions worldwide.

Sarah Chave

International Ambassador
Sarah has been a professional health care practitioner for nearly 20 years, working mostly with a Chinese medicine based system called Accunect.