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The People’s Health Alliance unifies resources to create a total health and wellness offer focusing on your whole person; mind, body and soul.

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"Everyone behind the global PHA is friendly, approachable, pro-active and solutions-focused."
Robito Chatwin
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"You are helping me more than you know, and I'm so grateful for "Wellbeing Wednesday" and the wealth of knowledge it brings."
Anne Geere
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"PHA offer light where there is only darkness"

Powered by The People, For The People

A collaborative, integrated health network that empowers and educates people to take responsibility for their own health.

Knowledge Is Power

Our educational resources empower you to make informed health choices.

Integrated Approach to Health

We share all life affirming modalities of healthcare.

Prevent Rather Than Treat

Supporting the bodies innate desire and ability to be well.

Self Directed Health

Knowledge and networks to empower your choices and actions.

Whole Person Healing

Mind, body, soul

4 steps to health transformation

Our Journey Back to Health Starts Here!

Say ‘YES’ to Health Autonomy

Our vision challenges the status quo by advocating for a shift in perspective—from seeking external solutions to embracing individual empowerment. We believe in restoring the power of choice to each person and promoting a paradigm where health creation takes precedence over treatment of disease.

Ditch any ‘Authority Complex’

We advocate for an organic and community-centred approach to healthcare, emphasising the involvement of individuals in their own well-being. Our philosophy is rooted in empowering people at grassroots level, ensuring that healthcare is led by and for the community.

Learn to Hear Our Own Wisdom

It’s time to reconnect with nature and all of the healing qualities it holds. It’s time to go within, start listening to ourselves and take ownership of our own health choices.

Learn Time Tested Routes to Health

True health stems from a holistic approach that integrates the mind, body, and soul. Our focus is on prevention and addressing the root cause of health issues, rather than simply waiting for diseases to manifest.


No, we are a people-led movement that encourages local communities to set up their own local hubs filled with knowledgeable practitioners who offer a range of individualised health services.

Access to our website is free. The Health Hub Blueprint, Health Optimisation Programme and Detox Programme are gifted to you, free of charge as we feel very strongly that this information needs to be shared far and wide. We do have costs to cover and therefore ask for a donation to access the health workshops we host with our Partners. All money is split 50/50 and goes towards supporting our mission.

All of our resources are freely given. We also encourage each hub/practitioner to look at ways to support those in low-income situations, such as pay it forward schemes and fundraising options. We cover many ideas in our health hub blueprint.

Definitely not. Your contract is between you and your practitioner – we do not gather or hold any information about you at all. We are simply here to facilitate the connection.

We recognise the need for a new healthcare approach. One that takes a holistic view and brings power of choice back to the patient. We see the need to unify and connect with like-minded people and organisations who understand the importance of a people-led approach. One that puts the people first and who’s practitioners have a genuine desire to help.

Our role is one of facilitator – supporting those who wish to set up their own health hubs (whether under the PHA banner, or not), connecting patients with practitioners via our online directory and sharing a wealth of health information from our network of experienced practitioners, partners and affiliates in the form of webinars, workshops and articles on the website.

PHA do not provide any medical services ourselves, we simply facilitate the connections with healthcare practitioners at a primary care level. We are not in a position to support secondary or acute care at this stage.

We are aware that many people are concerned about the injuries caused by vaccines. Many doctors, scientists and practitioners are working very hard to develop protocols to help those who are suffering from various side effects.

We have a free Detox Programme that may support those with vaccine injuries, long covid and a range of inflammatory conditions. Please always seek medical advice in the first instance.

We have a hub blueprint that will be sent to you when you subscribe to our newsletter which will be a great starting point. We can also help to connect you with others who are establishing their own community hubs across the country via the Community Group Directory.

If there isn’t a hub in your area and you’d like to set up a group, feel free to check out our Community Hubs page under the Resources section.

By becoming part of a community hub, you will be working with like-minded individuals who genuinely want to make a difference to improving people’s health and wellbeing. You will be part of an ethical community focused on helping people discover what true health really means and you will have the freedom to support people in the way that works for you and your patients.

Maybe you have become disillusioned with the NHS in its current form or perhaps you also offer alternative health remedies that are not available on the NHS and want to work in an integrated way. Whatever drew you to the PHA, we are here to support you with the transition.

As a member of a community hub your contact details will be listed in the Practitioner Directory, giving you access to patients looking for your services. You will work in an ethical, patient-focused primary care setting with others pursuing the same vision.  All services will be supported equally – conventional medicine will work alongside holistic therapies – to offer a true integrated approach to health.