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As a Community Interest Company (CIC) we operate with a social mission and are expected to generate income through our business activities. The core ways we aim to achieve this are:

Creating valuable education and information resources

Through commercial collaborations empowering choice in health

The main goal of our educational resources is to ensure that it is accessible to all without any financial barriers. To achieve this, we rely on donations per item as we believe that everyone should be able to contribute what they can afford. It is therefore crucial for us to explore other sources of income as well as through the generosity of our supporters.

Support Us

As a CIC, financial stability is a key concern; regular donations help us achieve this. However, we completely understand if you are not in a position to make that commitment. In this section, we offer alternative ideas for you to get involved in helping us raise funds in support of our mission.

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Volunteer with Us

To bring our vision of a ‘for The People, by The People’ health initiative to life, we rely on the support and expertise of The People. If you’re passionate about contributing to a health movement that empowers communities, allows for informed health choices that resonate with your personal values and beliefs, and prioritises the welfare of The People over profit, we invite you to become a part of this transformative journey.

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Contact Us

We value your input, whether it’s an idea, feedback, or a desire to contribute to our vision and mission. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Contact Us page. Your contributions can elevate us from ‘really good’ to ‘really great,’ so we encourage you to reach out to the team.

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