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Our ambassadors are people who represent The PHA by embodying our values, mission and vision. They play a crucial role in growing our work, extending and establishing trust and credibility, building relationships, educating the public, and generally promoting what we do.

Being an ambassador for The PHA is an incredible opportunity to bolster your part in creating the change that you want to see in the world. If you are passionate about the healthcare revolution and enjoy engaging people to build relationships then why not consider becoming an official ambassador. Just reach out to the team here.

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Partner organisations play a vital role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and collective action. Through our joint efforts, we can achieve greater impact and create positive change in each respective fields.

These trusted alliances are a collaborative initiative to leverage respective strengths and pool expertise, knowledge, networks, and resources to address complex challenges, implement joint projects, or pursue shared interests. If you are interested in becoming a trusted partner please do reach out to us here to explore the opportunity.

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Health Affiliates

Our affiliates are a powerful growth and income strategy for The PHA. We work closely with trusted organisations who offer innovative solutions to improve total health. These agreements play a crucial role in expanding the reach of these products, while also giving you a discount on the purchases made through our site.

If you have an innovative affiliate health solution that you believe would serve our network whilst also raising vital funds for our mission and vision then please contact us here to explore the opportunity.

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Our International hubs facilitate collaboration and partnerships at local level on a global scale. They have local understanding of global issues. This enables them to develop strategies that take into account the unique challenges faced by their own regions.

Teams on the ground in different countries can easily adapt their strategies and approaches to the specific needs of their own areas. They can identify innovative solutions that have worked in one local area and explore their applicability in others across their region. If you believe there is a need for an International hub in your area, you can explore the idea more in our Get Involved section.

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