PHA Code of Ethics


The People’s Health Alliance (PHA) is committed to ensuring that everyone within the PHA network is operating in line with the ethos of integrity and unity, supporting their local community as well as the wider community.  


To create a holistic healthcare service that empowers people to take responsibility for their own health.  


To create a network of independent, integrated community health hubs that work collaboratively to empower and educate people to take responsibility for their own health. 


At The People’s Health Alliance, treating others with respect is a fundamental principle that guides our interactions. We believe in listening with empathy, communicating with kindness, and appreciating the unique perspectives each person brings. By upholding this standard of respect, we not only acknowledge the inherent dignity in everyone but also cultivate a supportive and positive environment. This approach strengthens our community, allowing us to work harmoniously towards our shared goals, and reinforces the values of mutual respect and understanding that are so vital in today’s world.

Acting in the best interest of our clients and colleagues is fundamental to fostering trust and building strong, lasting relationships. It involves understanding their needs, offering thoughtful advice, and prioritising their wellbeing in every decision. By consistently placing the interests of those we serve and work with at the heart of our actions, we create a positive and supportive environment that benefits everyone involved.

Thriving through collaboration and effective communication is a key to unlocking collective potential and achieving remarkable results. By pooling diverse talents, ideas, and perspectives, and communicating openly and constructively, teams can overcome challenges and innovate in ways that individual efforts simply cannot match. This collaborative spirit, underpinned by strong communication, fosters a dynamic and supportive environment where everyone’s contributions are valued and success is shared.

Taking responsibility and owning our actions with integrity is a powerful demonstration of character. It involves acknowledging our role in both successes and challenges with honesty and a readiness to learn from every experience. Embracing this level of accountability not only earns us respect and trust from others but also fosters a culture of transparency and continuous improvement. By leading with integrity and taking ownership, we set a positive example, encouraging a responsible and proactive attitude in all aspects of work and life.

Recognising the equal value in every role is essential to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and integral to the team’s success. This approach celebrates the diverse contributions that each person brings, regardless of their position. By appreciating the unique strengths and skills of every individual, we foster an inclusive and respectful environment. This not only boosts morale but also drives innovation and efficiency, as every team member feels empowered and valued in their role, contributing to the collective success.

Remaining lawful is a key pillar in upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity in both personal and professional realms. This commitment reflects a deep respect for the frameworks that keep our society orderly and fair. By prioritising lawful conduct, individuals and organisations demonstrate their dedication to doing what is right and just, contributing to a safer and more harmonious community for everyone. 

Empowering and enabling others to take charge of their health is a profoundly positive and impactful act. It involves providing the tools, knowledge, and encouragement necessary for individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being. By doing so, we not only support them in achieving a healthier lifestyle but also inspire a sense of confidence and autonomy. This approach fosters a culture of proactive health management, where each person is equipped and motivated to take an active role in their health journey, leading to a happier, healthier community. 

Committing to continuous self-improvement and the pursuit of new knowledge is a journey that is as rewarding as it is enlightening. It reflects a proactive and open-minded attitude towards personal and professional development. Embracing this commitment means constantly seeking opportunities to grow, learn, and expand our horizons. This not only enhances our skills and understanding but also keeps us adaptable and forward-thinking. The joy and satisfaction derived from this lifelong learning process enriches our life and can positively influence those around us, creating a culture of continual growth and development.

Acknowledge that being truly holistic is to embrace and work with a range of therapies and
therapists; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and we must recognise the uniqueness of everyone when thinking about healthcare approaches.

Everyone has a right to good healthcare. We ask everyone within the PHA network to make provisions for those in low income situations, whether that be low cost clinic days during quieter times, pay it forward or barter schemes, or creating a volunteer rota as part of a hub, enabling practitioners to earn a living and people in the community still be supported.