Leandra Ashton

Compassionate Care Ambassador

In November 2020 Leandra’s mother – an ex-nurse – was arrested for taking her own mother out of her care home a day before the 2nd lockdown. The media storm put Leandra in touch with hundreds of families and she soon realised that the struggles she and her family were facing were unfortunately far too common. In 2021, she co-founded a support group turned campaign – The People’s Care Watchdog. Now joining forces with the People’s Health Alliance, she hopes to facilitate the creation of new systems of care that work for our most vulnerable, their relatives and carers.

Her skills in facilitation, communication and creative problem solving have been honed as both a linguist and actress. She studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Newnham College, Cambridge before earning a Walls Scholarship to train on the three-year acting degree at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). After various roles on TV and stage she founded Flying Cloud in 2009, running it as a social enterprise, supported by Arts Council England and co-funded by delivering communications training to international businesses. As a facilitator she has worked with people from every walk of life: from diplomats to school children, entrepreneurs to hospital staff, and board directors to refugees.

Her hope is to facilitate a vital national conversation about our most vulnerable citizens; empower the public in Human Rights and care legislation; and together create the care revolution that is so desperately needed.


Carol Boyce