Nickita Starck

Nickita Starck

Pregnancy & Birth Ambassador

Nickita Starck is founder of When Push Comes To Shove – the fastest growing alternative maternity structure in the world.

WPCTS is an EBE award nominated organisation dedicated to empowering women while working closely with The World Council For Health.

Nickita founded the organisation in 2020 when independent midwives in the UK lost their insurance to practice. This was the last hope for women to have autonomy over their birth.

Nickita is also a singer/songwriter and released the song ‘Breathe Again’ to spread awareness of informed consent in childbirth and her organisation.

Since establishing the organisation Nickita has developed a worldwide network of natural birth practitioners who facilitate non clinical birth. The message of the movement is simple. Informed consent. Women should give birth in the setting of their choice after making an informed decision. Never to be coerced one way or the other.


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