Helen Gibson

Helen Gibson

Mental Wellbeing Ambassador

Helen began her working life in finance, but soon realised that she was more interested in the figures in humanity than the ones on paper, which then led her to the community and third sector supporting and empowering those she came into contact with. Helen created Authentic Discovery through an understanding that hurt people hurt people and a desire to heal the world beginning with the self. Helen offers a range of services for individuals, groups and corporates. She is also co-founder of Anam Cara, which is affiliated with PHA & provides online support to those with mental struggles.

From an early age Helen identified the inequality within our society. She is focused upon bringing forth a new way of being with a foundation of love and freedom at the core. As individuals stand in their own power and then come together, amazing things can happen. This is one of the motivators for her association with PHA, an initiative that Helen sees PHA as a beautifully powerful offering. PHA & Helen encourage people to be responsible for their own health, empowering them to live their most wonderful life.



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