Robito Chatwin

Hypnotherapy Ambassador

Robito is a travelling hypnotherapist with a successful freedom-focused hypnosis approach offering inner guidance, emotional detox and stress/trauma release sessions worldwide because “we’re not only affected by our past experiences, but also by current global events”.

Robito serves the PHA and other truth, freedom and conscious awakening communities by helping individuals and group initiatives unleash their next level of truth and freedom from within.

Robito has also taught in schools and universities around the world for more than 25 years including courses on Critical Thinking at UK universities for almost a decade.

Robito fully supports the need for local access to a variety of integrative health modalities. Suffering from suicidal ideation as a teenager introduced him to serious meditation practice.

Robito founded Covid Positive News (CPN) on Telegram in January 2021. CPN is now the Conscious People’s Network, a global conscious community uniting to support each other, collaborate and network as we the people co-conceive our better/ideal world.

His motto: “We free ourselves within.”

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