Sarah Chave

International Ambassador

Sarah has been a professional health care practitioner for nearly 20 years, working mostly with a Chinese medicine based system called Accunect. Over the past few years Sarah has felt called to be part of the birthing of “the New Earth” and to that end, she and her family are currently in the process of going off the grid, exploring new (and also very old) ways of being, and cultivating right relationship to nature, the environment, and to spirit.

On a very practical level, Sarah is learning how to set herself up sustainably on her own land. But, on a deeper level, she is supporting others to make the shifts that are necessary to cultivate a community where everybody is connected, growing, and nourishing one another. Indeed, Sarah is passionate about supporting individuals and groups through our current times and leading the way to a better future for us all.

Sarah has been honoured with the role of Global Wellness Ambassador at the Wellness Summit 2022 and is excited to continue her work in the community and across the globe to create New Earth. She is host of the biweekly New Earth Podcast and has been instrumental in creating awareness of the People’s Health Alliance.


Youtube (New Earth Podcast)


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