PHA Birthday Bonanza Celebrations

On 23rd April, PHA will celebrate its 1st birthday and what a year it has been!

For those new to PHA, here is a short video that one of our brilliant volunteers put together. Hopefully, it will give you a better understanding of why we feel so passionate about the need for a grassroots health revolution.

It’s only when we take time to pause and reflect on the past year, that we realise just how much has been achieved in a relatively short amount of time with very little money, but a huge desire for change.

Many new Hub Groups

There are currently about 70 hub groups across 30 counties in the UK, all at varying stages of development. Nearly half of those are actively supporting their community in some form, including regular events at community centres, educational workshops, taster sessions, mental health support, first aid courses and more. Some have physical spaces that they work from and others have created a virtual network of practitioners that can support people via referrals. This is the beauty of creating a model that, at the heart of it, is about returning power back to The People.

Through our “Power of the Pound” appeal, we have been able to provide funding to some of the hubs for first aid training, emergency equipment, rent for premises and other set up costs which really is incredible! It just shows what we can achieve when we come together.

PHA Preston receiving funds towards emergency equipment and first aid training

Your Good Health York receiving funds for rent towards their weekly drop in clinic

If you’d like to get involved with your local hub, the list of telegram groups can be found here: the-pha.test/hub-life

Boost to Mental Health – FAB

Our brilliant Mental Health Ambassador, Helen, has dedicated hours of work to creating a training programme that promotes mental wellbeing. She has been delivering training, both online and in person, to individuals and hub groups around the UK and is already getting booked up for the year ahead. Those that have participated in the training have found it incredibly beneficial and it’s an area that PHA really want to develop in 2023.

This video goes into a bit more detail about the course:

For more information and bookings, please visit:

Download the documentation

Wellbeing and Other News

We have our awesome Wellbeing Wednesday team that show up every week to support people with their own healing, self-care and health education journey. They even put together a Wellbeing Week at Christmas for the whole family which many got to enjoy. All of the sessions are recorded and posted on the PHA Rumble channel for anyone unable to make them live:

And who can forget the infamous first interview that Katherine did with the fabulous astrologer, Pam Gregory, back in June which catapulted PHA into a worldwide movement:

Pam’s international reach led to a huge influx of people from around the world being inspired to set up a PHA in their country, something we were certainly not prepared for, but welcomed with open arms. To date, there are hubs forming across New Zealand, Australia, America, Portugal, Spain and many more are keen to get going. The international relationships continue to grow from strength to strength and there have already been occasions where the connections have proved to be incredibly powerful.

The latest international hub list can be found on the website:

All of this could not have been achieved without the overwhelming support we have received. We are incredibly grateful to everyone that has contributed their time and energy into building the new. We are co-creating a new world for ourselves, our families and each other. For The People, by The People.

Message from PHA supporter Pam Gregory


Amanda Dungate, Co-founder PHA

Hub Headlines from March 2023

Hub Headlines from April 2023