Hub Headlines from April 2023

PHA Clitheroe

PHA Clitheroe

On Saturday we had our first Wellbeing Extravaganza in Clitheroe, Lancashire. There were some inspiring talks and demonstrations from local Wellbeing Practitioners

with some great tips on how we can keep ourselves well, physically, mentally and emotionally. Our holistic therapists offered taster sessions which were booked up throughout the day.

We were delighted to have Lisa, Amanda, Kerry and Jane from core PHA come along to support us.

PHA Wakefield

PHA Wakefield

Rock on PHA Wakefield! First face to face meeting on the 2nd April. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow💗

Create My Health – Leeds

Create My Health – Leeds
Create My Health – Leeds

Create My Health CIC, Leeds, organised a Certified L3 Emergency First Aid Course in March for all hubs in the region. Hands on, informative and lots of fun!

PHA Brighton & Hove

Our first PHA Brighton & Hove event was held in Rottingdean Village Hall on the 26th April, offering taster sessions and aromatherapy products.  This virtual hub group is called ‘The Deans’ as it covers the small village communities to the east of Brighton (Rottingdean, Saltdean, Ovingdean, Woodingdean, Bevendean).  It was such an exciting evening and the room was buzzing with energy and some wonderful connecting conversations were had which I know will help move us all forwards organically. 

Key learning and note to self…… organise a dedicated photographer to take more photos!

Runnymede and Thames Side People’s Alliance

The pace is picking up nicely in the Runnymede and Thames Side People’s Alliance hub group.

We now have a beautiful logo establishing our identity. In the background, a shield represents our affinity with the area, in particular the site of Magna Carta and the barons who fought for the freedoms of the common man and woman. A star at the top of the shield is inspired by the Magna Carta memorial and the name underlined with water signifying the Thames’ element of the area.

This is encompassed with an open circle showing that we are open to collaborating with other community groups and anyone who aligns with our values and ethos. At the top of the circle is the sun, symbolising the light we are bringing back into the area. At the bottom of the circle is a heart, representative of the fact that this is a heart-centred initiative.

In other news, we are forming good connections with other local groups in the area aligned with our vision and ethos, so watch this space for further updates!

PHA Birthday Bonanza Celebrations

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