Hub Headlines from May 2023

PHA UK Update 

The People’s Health Alliance launched in April 2022 in response to the increasing pressure on the NHS and people unable to get appointments to see their GP. They recognised the need for a community led, integrated approach that empowers people to take personal responsibility for their own health and ensures good healthcare is accessible to all.

Since launching, there are approximately 70 health hub groups forming across the UK, at varying stages of development and an increasing number across the world, particularly in New Zealand and Australia which really shows the incredible power of The People, when we unite.

The PHA core team have been busy in the background working on a number of different projects that will support people to set up community hubs and connect with people local to them, encouraging a cross pollination of ideas and solutions that will benefit the wider community.

Current Projects

  • Developing a new website that will have a fully functioning practitioner directory, a community group directory and a whole host of useful resources that support the development of community hubs.
  • Organising workshops and roundtables alongside our partners in addition to the current free webinars, that will increase our education offerings.
  • Organising a Gala Dinner in Leeds to fundraise for a national mental health support hotline, a physical youth hub to go alongside the youth blueprint, a physical integrated clinic that can be used as a model for others as well as core operational costs.
  • Collaborating with Partners and Ambassadors to find solutions for those wanting to transition out of the NHS.
  • Launched our YouTube channel to increase engagement and spread the word about all the wonderful work everyone is doing:
  • Have recently launched a membership programme with our Partner, My Medical Choice, that will provide legal support and medical treatment options for when they are needed most. For more information, please visit the website:

There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline and we are always on the lookout for people that feel passionately about community driven projects. If you’d like to volunteer your time to support the core operations, please email volunteer@the-pha.test.

PHA Coventry Hub

The Coventry hub have been beavering away and now have huge array of services to offer the local community. They now have:

  • two healing rooms
  • a meeting room that is also being used for workshops
  • a health library of books to borrow
  • an apothecary of low cost remedies
  • monthly foraging
  • weekly free herbal medicine making
  • healing sessions
  • regular courses

and soon our own bees as well as a website and free monthly health focused book group.

They will also be offering free weekly workshop to learn how to make colloidal silver, horsetail toothpaste, deodorant, beauty products, hedgerow wine, kombucha and many more.

Plus, the jewel in the crown, a small yoga room for circles, sound baths, breath work and other group work.

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