Hub Headlines from March 2023

PHA Taunton

The team launched their opening at Taunton Independent Market on Sunday 12th March.

They had a great time with lots of support and some good conversations with like-minded people and will continue to connect and collaborate within their local community.

Ways to Wellness Ashtead

Lots of different therapies for people to try as tasters and full sessions, as well as a number of talks throughout the day, finished with a beautiful sound healing session.
A lot of the appointments were pre-booked this time so the team had more time to enjoy chatting with people and the main space had an area sectioned off with sofas for people to enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

Another successful event for the team in Ashtead.

PHA Australia

Our new PHA Australia website is finally ready to share!

It was a massive project involving many hours of work and collaboration and discussion, and we would like to thank Simon Antolak and PHA’s own LisaG for all they have done in putting it together for us. 🙏

Clicking on your state on the map on the front page will bring you to your state’s home page where you will find your state’s contact emails, volunteer and practitioner EOI (Expression of Interest) forms, your state’s events, and local hubs amongst other things.

Below the map on the front page is a video outlining who The People’s Health Alliance are and what we are doing.

If you would like to consult with Simon, you can find him at:

PHA New Zealand

Spot the PHA superstars top left! ✨⭐️ ✨ photo from Chantelle Baker’

‘In the face of the catastrophic flooding event in New Zealand and especially faced with the predicted lack and breakdown of government services, the framework and networks built by The People have been invaluable, inspiring and incredible!

Thorne Health Haven Hub

On March 3rd Thorne Health Haven held an auction evening to raise funds for the health hub which was very successful. They were able to raise over £600 on the evening with a couple of 1/2 day canal cruisers, a bicycle and several treatment packages from the therapists being among the prizes on offer.

They have been able to push on with their leaflet design and printing on the back of this as well starting a social media campaign to bring the hub to the attention of the public.

PHA Portugal

PHA Birthday Bonanza Celebrations