Physical Activity Guidelines (Healthy Adults 18-64)

Guidance for Health – CardiovascularWhenWhat
Accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate (not be able to sing) exercise per week**.

or –

75 minutes of vigorous (not be able to talk) exercise per week.
(very rigorous can be in shorter bouts)

or –

A combination of each.
Do some physical activity each day, any activity is better than none.

Aim to be less sedentary, and break up long periods of inactivity with movement.
Moderate exercise: brisk walking/cycling/dancing etc.

Vigorous exercise: running/spinning classes/team sports etc.

Very vigorous: sprinting/HIIT etc.

Guidance for Health – ResistanceWhenWhat
Activities to develop or maintain strength in the major muscle groups.

Use equipment (e.g. dumbbells) to add weight or use your body weight.
At least 2 days per week, but any strengthening activity is better than none.

Wait at least 48 hours between added weight training sessions.
Progressive & individual, seek professional advice if using equipment.

Very light intensity/weight for older adults or previously sedentary adults.  

Guidance for Health – Flexibility & BalanceWhenWhat
Activities to improve balance and flexibility.At least 2-3 days per weekStatic and moving, balancing & stretching: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong etc. 
**Please do not start any new exercise programme without consulting your GP first. *UKCMO 2019

Physical Activity Guidelines (65+)

Physical Activity Guidelines (Adults with Hypertension)