What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic and complete alternative health system.

Our founder, Doctor Andrew Taylor Still, was disillusioned with the damage caused by his medical colleagues through vaccination, suppression of symptoms by medication and a total lack of understanding of health. Drawing on his native American heritage and his extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology he devised a philosophy and practice for seeking and maintaining the health of his patients.

Osteopaths do not treat disease – instead they seek to find health within their patients – restoring their vitality through various manual techniques ranging from imperceptibly gentle cranial approaches to osteopathic manipulation of joints to restore optimum movement. Each patient will receive a treatment designed particularly for them and adapted to their ‘terrain’. For osteopaths, the ‘rule of the artery is supreme’ – by which we mean that the blood provides the nutrients and immune responses necessary to maintain health. Ensuring the nerve, blood and lymphatic systems are all working at their most efficient enables a person to heal themselves.

We hear much now of the ‘terrain theory’ of health – keep the body healthy and dis-ease will not find a place. Osteopaths have always believed that – and, although the medical establishment, through our regulatory body, is trying hard to guide us away from our roots – many osteopaths continue to work on the principles established by Dr Still.

Nigel Utton NPQH MOst

Nigel Utton is a practicing osteopath, QHHT practitioner and COO of the World Freedom Alliance.

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