What is health and are vaccines necessary?

A fantastic discussion covering many aspects of health, particularly relating to children and the stigma around sickness and disease:
– Sickness and the elimination process
– Empowering parents with knowledge
– Tips to encourage healthy eating
– Have vaccines helped lower severe disease?
– The background of vaccines and development – including powerpoint slides
– Parent experiences
– Where to start researching

Resources mentioned:

Archive library. https://informedparent.co.uk/archive-literaturebooks-3/
Video links https://informedparent.co.uk/videos-and-podcasts/

Dissolving Illusions – This features a lot of graphs showing the decline in diseases.

Part One

Part Two

Dr Sam Bailey – There are numerous interesting videos on Sam’s site. This is a very recent one.


Health The Only Immunity – Understanding health and disease. At present a free copy is sent with every new subscription.

Virus Mania and Terrain Therapy – Dr Sam Bailey

Vaccination (1993) and Behavioural Problems in Children – Dr Viera Scheibner PhD