Three quick ways to find silence in the storm

It might seem counterintuitive to recommend any mindfulness practice that can be done in a hurry. However, the tempestuous assault on our conscious landscape is relentless right now. Reattaining presence can be achieved in moments – without sitting cross-legged at your altar burning candles and incense.


1. Inner Body Awareness

Eckhart Tolle’s simple, informal way of connecting to self: sit, stand or lie still, with eyes closed. Let your attention rest in your hands. Become aware of the subtle sensations: warmth, coolness, tingling, fullness, pulsing, heaviness, comfort – the feelings vary. The key is to experience the feelings, nothing more. The speed at which this brings you to presence is extraordinary and, once you’re confident doing it in a quiet setting, it can be done anywhere.

Inner Body Awareness

2. Heart Connection

A beautiful exercise from the Heartmath Institute: bring your attention to your heart centre. You can assist this by placing one or both palms on your breastbone. Take long, deep breaths as though you are actually breathing through your heart. Once you feel connected, bring gratitude into your awareness. Do this by remembering a time when you felt peace, love or appreciation. Breathe gratitude in and out through your heart.

Heart Connection

3. Earthing

As easy as taking off your shoes! We all know how good it feels to walk barefoot on a beach or lawn. You can take this process further by assuming the basic Qi Gong standing posture:

As shown in image below feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, abdomen and chest soft, fingers open but not stiff, shoulders relaxed, chin slightly tucked. In this position, the bottom half of your body becomes earthy and rooted, the top half light and lifting. Feel the connection.

In the coming days, remember that you can influence your own feelings. When the tempest surrounds you, go within; enter the eye of the storm.


José Lacey

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