Parent Support with PHA – Exam Essence

Flower Essences for Exam Stress

Back in February, we talked about the usefulness of flower essences for children and young people and the Five Flower Essence is something that can be so helpful in exam-time, both for parents and children. Use it as often as needed but remember it needs to be diluted from the stock that you will have bought. Four drops in a drink – sip every few minutes if the anxiety is very high, and every couple of hours for background stress. Also good when dabbed on the temples for headaches, and on the wrists if not able to put in the mouth.

Exam Essence and Post-Exam Stress

There is also an Exam Essence available from Healing Herbs:  Exams might be finished by the time you are reading this, but there will be the waiting for results and that can be almost more stressful. And thinking of what to do next in life needs a calm head.

Wellbeing Wednesday’s Young People Support

In the Wellbeing Wednesday session on 10/05/23, we delved into aiding young people’s well-being. This information is accessible through ThePeoplesPodcast on Rumble. Our approach encompassed various techniques:

  • Grounding with Qi Gong: Utilizing Qi Gong to establish grounding.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Employing EFT to manage emotions.
  • Eye Positions for Stress Relief: Avoid looking downward, as this triggers emotions and stress. Looking upward accesses memory, aiding in recalling exam answers effortlessly.

Balancing Techniques for Enhanced Learning

Furthermore, we discussed the “Cross Crawl” technique to balance both brain hemispheres. This technique involves exaggerated walking, where the left hand touches the right knee and the right hand touches the left knee alternately. This method was also featured in a recent Wellbeing Wednesday video.

Touch for Health Emotional Stress Release

Lastly, a useful technique involves holding the forehead using the Touch for Health Emotional Stress Release points. This practice benefits memory, alleviates anxiety, promotes better sleep, and can even reduce pain when combined with applying pressure to the painful area using the other hand.

June Tranmer

June Tranmer

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