Med Beds – The Future of Healing?

Imagine returning to total health and regenerating to your prime in one, painless treatment. No side-effects or negative changes. The only thing that won’t be healed is your psychological baggage. The treatment is free.

Would you do it?

An Age of Miracles

If you haven’t heard of Med Beds, this post might come as a bit of a surprise – a good one.

Despite reading around the subject and watching many related interviews and podcasts, I was sceptical at first. Perhaps because I could see in myself how deeply I wanted the idea to be true.

One thing the many sources agreed upon was that this form of healing technology has been in existence for decades, albeit hidden. How, I wondered, could you keep something like this under wraps for such a long time? It became clear that the intentional suppression of information has been a huge factor in keeping medical technology – and many other kinds – from public view.

What is a Med Bed?

A Med Bed is a healing device that combines quantum technology, scalar waves, frequency and human consciousness to restore living tissue to an optimal state. Even if you haven’t looked into the idea, you may have come across it in entertainment – it has been explored/revealed in plenty of movies over the years – Fifth Element, Prometheus and Elysium among them. Were we, perhaps, meant to think of them as nothing more than science fiction?

As with many holistic healing modalities, a Med Bed is homeostatic in the sense that it returns the body to a state of wholeness and balance. The difference, however, is the mind-boggling extent to which it is – theoretically – able to do this. My investigations all point to a system that rewinds your life-clock, literally returning you to your heyday.

Are Med Beds Real?

The human body is fallible, fragile and prone to all manner of illnesses, the most life-threatening of which we still have no cure for. It also comes pre-programmed to self-destruct with the accumulation of time. This is its inherent design. If Med Beds were real, every hospital would have them and the world would be a very different place. It’s obvious that we’re not scientifically advanced enough to create this kind of equipment yet. So, no, there can’t possibly be Med Beds.

That’s how I would have answered three or four years ago.

Now my answer is this: having read about withheld patents (free energy and anti-gravity inventions, alongside the medical marvels) from so many different sources, I’ve had to reconsider. In addition, I’ve now found a number of organisations claiming to possess this kind of technology. I now suspect that Med Beds are a reality and that they’ve been around for a lot longer than we realised, though their forms and exact capabilities vary.

What Can Med Beds Do?

In short, miracles.

Imagine the cure for all cancers; the answer to every degenerative disease; the regrowth of lost limbs; the reversal of congenital defects; the repair of brain damage; an answer to the horrific wounds of war. All this, perhaps more.

As far as I can make out, however, what a Med Bad can’t do is resolve psychological or emotional trauma. In other words, you retain the disruptive events that took place in your formative years and any upsets later in life that have shaped you. Those ‘inner’ wounds remain yours.

Is it Just Wishful Thinking?

One could sensibly propose that we, as mankind, are sharing an intricate, mass hallucination about a better future – known by many as The Great Awakening – when, in fact, we’re doing little more than fantasising our way out of the increasingly dreadful epoch in which we find ourselves. A belief in Med Beds fits snugly under that umbrella.

People need hope to keep going; that need is the engine that has powered every cult in history and its fuel is fear. If the last three years have been an abject lesson in mass manipulation, are Med Beds an example of this carrot and stick approach to mind control?

The fear of death and illness, combined with the promise of a cure is a powerful motivator; it’s been the basis of ‘modern’ medicine since it was hijacked and contaminated by John D Rockerfeller in the early 1900s. Perhaps we’re being played yet again.

Renewed Hope and Life for All

What if there are companies already manufacturing this kind of tech, already testing it, already upgrading it? What if they already have investors willing to fund them in return for a second chance at life?

Since my curiosity about Med Beds began, I’ve found a number of organisations that manufacture technology which broadly fit the Med Bed definition. I hope to be able to bring you interviews with some of the people behind these organisations but, so far, my requests for contact of this nature remain unanswered. That’s why this article raises more questions than it answers.

And yet, everything I discover points to a healthier future for everyone.


Even after reading about Rasha and watching some of the videos, I don’t think I could stand up in a crowded room and explain what it does. However, as far as I can tell, this equipment entrains with your brainwaves, enabling you to relax deeply, ‘download’ spiritual information and even positively address thought patterns and behaviours. I also get the sense from some of the testimonials that it enhances your ability to manifest desired realities.

EE Systems

energy enhancement system

The healing inventions of Dr Sandra Rose Michael are mind-bending and full of hope. Recently, she was interviewed by Jason Shurka of The Light System, sometimes referred to as the spiritual CIA. TLS have given their blessing to Dr Michael’s technology in order to assist in making it available worldwide.

In this interview, Dr Michael discusses the genesis of her work and some miraculous healings: Watch video

In a deeper dive, Jason Shurka explains how EE Systems work in this video.

Quantum Healing Systems

logo of quantum healing

This is the organisation I’ve come closest to in the last few months. An acquaintance is an investor and owns a QHS portable healing unit. He has now travelled to the USA where his Med Bed journey proper will begin. He, and others, will be the subjects of a documentary showing health before, during and after Med Bed use.

Here’s the QHS homepage and a testimonial relating to the effects of the personal/handheld unit: Watch video

Interestingly, all the testimonials that were publicly available on YouTube – there were many – are no longer there. QHS have closed their doors to new members, while they continue proof of concept studies. I can’t wait to see the documentary.

The Military

When I first heard about Med Beds, it was in conjunction with the military, who have used them for years. It has been suggested that armies will roll out Med Beds across the world making them accessible to all.

The idea that our militaries will facilitate ‘healing the world’ seems a little counterintuitive. On the other hand, if any organisation already possesses tech beyond our understanding, other than our armed forces, who could it be?

Which amputee doesn’t want their lost limb back? How many vaccine-injury victims wouldn’t want their health returned to them? Is there an octogenarian who wouldn’t want to be 30 again? If Med Bed tech is revealed to the public, imagine the stampede to access it. Given that, military involvement does make a kind of sense.

And, in terms of operating the equipment, if it exists, it appears that the only people who already have that experience would be the militaries of the world.

Deeper thoughts

If they’re real and they’re here, then Med Beds will have profound and far-reaching implications. Some things to consider:

  • Whilst it appears that Med Beds can address almost any ailment, including replacing lost limbs and reversing profound neurological issues like Parkinson’s/Motor Neurone Disease, my reading suggests that they will not necessarily address the phantoms of one’s psychological past. Given that many, if not all, chronic illnesses can be attributed to emotional injury and mental blocks manifesting in the body, even if a Med Bed were to restore you to full health, how long would it be before your self-sabotaging beliefs and thought processes made you ill once more?
  • Med Beds, it is alleged, return you to the prime of life – a thirty-year-old body with all systems working perfectly. If there’s no limit to how many times you can use a Med Bed, this technology will grant us immortality. The questions this raises are too numerous to explore here but the consequences, good and bad, need to be meditated upon.
  • In an interview I watched recently, a representative of a Med Bed organisation said the following: ‘We can create life.’ I suspect it was a slip of the tongue – I hope it was – nevertheless, it got me thinking. If we can intervene to prolong life indefinitely, is this a violation of nature? For those among us who feel the presence of God, is it an offence to the Creator or simply an extension of what He has already planned for us?
  • Whilst Med Beds are an exciting and stimulating subject, they’re not the only modality out there that changes the way we look at the health of mankind. Many are saying that the ascension process will include physical as well as spiritual enhancements or upgrades. Among them, a lengthening of telomeres, giving us longer natural lives, an ‘unfusing’ of two chromosomes to bring us to the twenty-four that should always have been there, conferring upon us many abilities that might be classed miraculous and the augmentation of our DNA – further strands, a new crystalline structure and more. If we are re-becoming the superhumans that many believe we once were, will we even need Med Beds in the longer term?
  • Med Beds employ vibration to heal people. The frequency of all human organs and tissues have, allegedly, been sampled from numerous healthy men and women in optimal condition. These frequencies are used to return a sick body to perfection. Does this mean that the patient will take on vibrational characteristics that are foreign to their own DNA? There are many reports of organ transplant patients whose personalities alter after receiving the living tissue of a donor. Could something similar happen with Med Beds? Would you, in essence, still be you after you’re ‘healed’?

Where Do We Go from Here?

Some of these questions must be answered in our own deep core. Others can only be addressed by the creators and distributors of the equipment. Whether we’re ready for it or not, a future that has already been here for longer than we know, is about to make its appearance.

It has only taken a generation for cell phones and the internet to become something the majority rely on. Likewise, Med Beds may soon be a familiar aspect of human life. Will they become just another gadget, controlled by profit-making organisations to further drain and manipulate the people? Or could such technology signal a genuinely better life for all? And, finally, what if mankind already possesses the innate ability to achieve total healing and all we need is a nudge?

Perhaps Med Beds are that nudge.

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