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We are here to serve you The People. To do that, first we need to be able to stay connected with you. In the current climate of censorship, defunding, and cancel culture in favour of big pharma agendas, the only way we can be certain to stay in touch with you is if you provide your email address for direct, unfiltered conversation.

We have zero control over big tech algorhythems but here are four ways you can participate in our community and services to start your own health networks, education, and transformation.

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Consulting with our registered practitioners


Our UK network of independent local practitioners and health hubs is a powerful tool in our fight against the force of big pharma and our desire to support the NHS. We respect your autonomy and have no intention of imposing any restrictions on how you run your practice. We wish to support you by strengthening the collective presence of holistic, functional, and integrated services at the grassroots level.

By joining our directory, you will enjoy additional benefits such as access to patients actively seeking your services. Your profile will also be showcased alongside educational therapy information that we create.

All we ask is that you align with our Principles. If you choose to work in a hub, this means practicing in an ethical, patient-centered primary care environment alongside others who share the same vision. Conventional medicine and holistic therapies, will work along side each other in this setting and be equally supported. This approach creates a bridge between the two worlds and offers a truly integrated approach to health.

So, if you are a practitioner or are creating a local health hub, and align with our mission to transform the UK’s healthcare, we would love you to register with our UK directory here!


In order for us to create a true ‘for The People, by The People’ health initiative, we need the support and expertise of The People. As a small group of passionate and committed volunteers we are grateful for your support in helping us to create massive change in the health industry.

You can volunteer with The PHA core team or on a local level for your nearest health hub. Wherever your skills and passions lie, we will certainly be able to find something for you.

We have so many areas to get involved in where you can offer what you can help us. By offering your time, skills, experience and expertise we can make progress faster and with more comprehensive services.

If you feel passionate about being part of a new health initiative that brings power back to the communities, enables you to make informed health choices that align with your values and beliefs, and that puts The People ahead of profits, then we would love you to join us as a volunteer for The People’s Health Alliance.

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Core Systems, Software and Platforms: Leveraging technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs, resolve issues faster, and improve our community satisfaction.

Online Presence Strategy: Creating a strong overall strategy for our online presence is crucial for increasing visibility and attracting more customers.

Video Editing: A lot of our content is video that requires editing and to uploading onto our website and social platforms with the appropriate SEO applied.


Our core activity is creating educational content to aid the ‘unlearning’ of pharmaceutical-sponsored medical education and our dependence on it. We are replacing that with knowledge to support your belief in the power of the human body’s innate self-correcting and self-healing abilities.

This process involves challenging preconceived notions, questioning established norms, and breaking free from the constraints of traditional pharmaceutical-driven healthcare. The body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself when given the right conditions and care. This includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, stress management, and a healthy environment.

By returning to the natural world and embracing a more holistic approach to health, we can tap into these inherent healing abilities. This shift requires a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of our bodies with the natural environment and the role of lifestyle factors in health and disease.

While pharmaceuticals have their place, an over-reliance can limit our understanding and exploration of alternative health approaches. It’s time to broaden our perspective and consider other viable options for maintaining health and treating diseases.

We strive to empower our community, audience, and practitioners with the knowledge, solutions and tools you need to take charge of your own health and well-being, and/or professional practice. We invite you to prioritise your own learning with our assistance.


We collaborate with highly talented professionals to bring you quality information, education, perspective, and updates on our mission to transform health care. We do this on a very tight budget and with the help of a small team of volunteers. Kindly sharing this content on your social platforms plays a significant role in our growth and visibility.

When you share The PHA’s content, it reaches your network of friends, family, and colleagues who may not currently be aware of the health options available to them outside of the NHS. This expands our audience reach, potentially attracting new supporters and donors.

By sharing our content you help raise awareness about important systemic healthcare issues and solutions among your network. This can lead to increased understanding, empathy, and support for the cause. Even better, it could start a shift in perspective and understanding the power of their choices on their own health.

The PHA mission and vision are fundamental aspects of our identity and purpose. Sharing our content helps communicate these elements to a broader audience, helping others understand what the organisation stands for and aims to achieve. It also shows others what causes you care about and support, which can inspire others to do the same.


We focus on projects to gain momentum and allocate the most effective skills, experience and resources. You can help us to apply this methodology by being aware of the projects we are working on and doing what you can to support them.

We invite our community of both individuals and organisations to get involved in helping us deliver these initiatives. Together, we can make a significant impact and drive the change we want to see in health care systems.

We have on ongoing commitment to helping local health practitioners collaborate in creating local health hubs. We also have strategic priorities like the projects on our roadmap:

1. 24-hour Mental Health helpline

2. A pilot model for Community Youth Hubs

3. A pilot fully integrative Regional Health Clinic

4. Funding the central infrastructure; core team salaries, IT/website design and support

Individual practitioners and local health hubs can also join us in national marketing campaigns to significantly boost visibility and attract more interest in holistic and integrated health solutions.

Whether you are looking for strategic partnerships, an individual who can support the development of one of these projects, or an investor interested in supporting our growth, we welcome and appreciate your support. Let’s collaborate and work towards securing these vital initiatives for our future.

Stay tuned for updates and reach out to us to explore how you can contribute to our remarkable journey of transforming healthcare systems nationwide, at the local level.


Testimonials play a crucial role in demonstrating the value that the people in our professional network have gained from joining our community or that a patient has found from a new health solution. This can often influence others’ decisions to explore The PHA for themselves so it really is important that we collect testimonials from people with these life changing experiences.

If you are a practitioner or a hub you would also benefit from gathering testimonials. Here are the reasons we would like you to participate by submitting your testimonial and why you might also request them to help your own practice grow.

1. Builds Trust and Credibility: Testimonials provide real-life examples of people who have benefited from our services. This helps build trust and credibility, as the people we can help can easily see that we are committed to our mission and deliver on our promises.

2. Provides Real-World Examples of Our Services: Testimonials often include specific examples of how our services have helped our community. This gives potential new members and the public a better understanding of what we do, how we do it, and how it could benefit them.

4. Influences Decision-Making Process:When potential customers are deciding whether to use our services, testimonials can be a powerful influencing factor. Seeing positive feedback from others can reassure them that they’re making the right choice.

5. Enhances Reputation: Testimonials show that we’re a reliable, trustworthy company that delivers high-quality services, which can attract more members and help us grow our Community Interest Company to deliver our mission to transform healthcare.

6. Highly Shareable and Watchable: As people are constantly bombarded with content they are more likely watch a quick video from an organisation they are already aware of. They are also more likely to forward something that shares their values to someone they care about.

As you can see, testimonials are a powerful way for all of us to raise awareness and trust in our services. If you have an experience or health transformation that you would like to share then please reach out to us. We will provide some directions for creating and submitting your video or written comments. We would be delighted to receive your testimonial.


We love getting constructive feedback from our community because it plays an important role in our collective growth and development. Continuous improvement is key to the success of any community. Constructive feedback helps us achieve this by helping us to make informed decisions about what’s working well and what needs shaking up a little.

By understanding the needs and preferences of our current community, we can tailor our outreach strategies to attract new members who share our values and vision for the future of health care. This can help us achieve our mission and vision faster.

We want our community to feel heard, valued, and part of a strong wider team, so an open dialogue where ideas and opinions are respected and considered is essential to us. Feedback helps us to ensure we are continuously learning and improving, by helping us to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

Feedback allows us and all of our local hub communities to review their practices and make necessary adjustments. This could be anything from changing communication methods, adjusting meeting times, or altering the way tasks are assigned. By regularly reviewing and updating practices based on feedback, each community can ensure they are serving their members, patients or clients in the best possible way.