Finding Our Light In the Darkness

With Our Certainties Collapsing All Around Us, Where Do We Find Our Strength?

As dualities collapse, we have no ground to stand on. Whether we cling to our side for dear life, or straddle both sides, no longer knowing which is true and which is lies – or just give up trying to make sense of it all — either way, we go into free fall, into the no-man’s land between certainties, a scary and unnerving place, which goes against our very human craving for security. And yet, if we can take it that way, this same black hole that seems to annihilate all we know, all that we hold onto, can also be the open space where new possibilities can arise — where we can let go the old, melt down and re-invent ourselves, where new realities can blossom.

This is the secret place within our hearts that can open up to embrace the whole – the infinite, naked Consciousness within us, within which the whole Cosmos plays. Everything that exists is interconnected within that field of universal Consciousness – Essence, Cosmic Potential — whose multi-centric nodes run through all our hearts, just waiting for us to divine them.

Which one of these this time is for us – a gaping hole, and death sentence — or gateway to the Whole, a resurrection to new life, and invitation to new creation – depends on how we take it.

Because this present limbo – this rite of passage we’re moving through – is like those optical illusions, where you can see one thing, or you can see its opposite, depending on how you hold it. For this no-man’s land we’ve been catapulted into, however harsh and hopeless it may seem, is also, paradoxically, the access point to infinite wisdom, and the infinite nature of our true being. Dark night of the soul, or breaking of the light? Dead end for humanity, or entryway to timeless renewal? Dystopian as the present scenario looks like from the outside, there is a blessing within it, hidden, waiting to be seized and ridden to a new future.

The Light and Power We Need to Triumph are Already Inside Us

Where do we start? By tuning into the heart area, visualizing light there, and radiating it out to the world. Know yourself as this light, feel yourself as this light, radiating out through the transparency of your body and mind, which are only its temporary projections. Let the hard edges of your body and mind melt back into that light, so that it shines ever brighter through them, infinitely and in all directions. This is our true nature, which we share with all existence, all dimensions of the Earth and Cosmos, visible and invisible…

But it can’t be that simple, you might say – and anyway visualization is just imagination, and it doesn’t affect reality. Just because I think I’m connected with all reality, just because I think I am the power and light of Consciousness behind all I see, doesn’t mean I am. But think again. There is more than abundant evidence that our thoughts create reality — that this is a participatory universe, with each of us having our unique role — through quantum physics, neurobiology and modern consciousness studies, as well as ancient Indigenous and spiritual traditions.

Many recognize that we are being called to a tremendous transition right now, a whole-scale transformation in both our ways of thinking and living. And it begins with this key – that because we are interconnected with all creation, we have the power to change it, individually and, even more so, collectively. The more who understand, and cultivate this connection to our own deepest Source of true power, the more power to us all, to heal ourselves and our planet, at this time of both extraordinary crisis and extraordinary opportunity.

How we use our thoughts, intentions, energy and attention, is far more powerful than we think. If we harness them consciously, igniting our latent evolutionary potentials (yogis and shamans have mastered this), they link us to the quantum field, the invisible fields of creative power that underlie the visible, outer manifestation.

The placebo effect, documented in countless studies, proves the power of belief, and how our beliefs directly affect reality (in this case, our physical body). This effect is all the stronger when it comes under our conscious will. Positive thinking, faith and confidence all have the power to effect positive results, healing ourselves and even others (while, conversely, the nocebo effect, visualizing and imagining the worst, lowers our immune system, our resilience, and our possibilities to create real change; we end up getting what we imagined. Negative medical diagnoses also work this way, causing iatrogenic diseases, and even death. So does, significantly, predictive programming, on the larger social scale…we unconsciously bring into being what we are told to expect.)

In a world where we have outsourced our power to others, it is more imperative than ever that we reclaim our own power over our lives, and even take it to new depths, accelerating the forces of our personal and planetary evolution, gathering exponential momentum towards a critical mass for transformation, at this massive bifurcation point in the direction of humanity’s future.

Bringing Our Innate Light and Power Forward: Healing and Transforming Ourselves and Our World

Visualizing light, and sending loving intentions to one’s own body and others, has real, immediate, physical, verifiable effects – it amplifies the light photons in the craniosacral fluid, which immediately boosts immunity, vitality and power, shifting both our vital signs and our neuro-hormonal systems. It not only enhances our physical functions but balances and regulates our mental and emotional states, bringing heart and brain into synch for maximum clarity, intuition and effective action. When cultivated over time, it literally up-levels the entire spectrum of our physical, mental and energetic set-points. It literally “lights us up” with wisdom and compassion, passion for the good of the whole, and attracts others, who pick up on this higher frequency, into our field of action.

Heart coherence, which unites body and mind (again through the power of visualization and directed attention) makes the power of intention laser-sharp, whether it is directed to the healing of one’s own body or that of the collective, including both society and the planet. We are endowed with incredible gifts to alter our reality, if we only know how to use them. No social or political powers can make us their victims once we understand this. This is not to say, of course, that we do not take direct action, as needed (and much is needed at this time!) but only — and essentially — that it be guided by this deepest connection to our own true being, with all its innate wisdom and power.

In fact, there is far less distance than one would think between the light at the depths of our heart and the level of action in this world, of physical manifestation. That light is suffused with quanta, tiny energy-information packets that activate our otherwise latent genetic potentials (turn on dormant DNA), igniting our capacities for greater clarity, big-picture thinking, intuition and right action in response to the challenges that confront us in our world. These capacities are needed more than ever in the face of our present upheavals – social, ecological, existential.

Not For the Profits of the Few, But the Good of the Whole: Mastering the Deepest Levels of Consciousness and Energy that Shape Our World

Whether for better or for worse — whether conscious or unconscious, whether guided from our own source or outsourced to others, whether manipulated or free — the power of the mind (our beliefs, our worldviews, our intentions) holds a tremendous potential for self-fulfilling prophecy, bringing into reality our worst fears or our best dreams; it is up to us to take the reins in our hands, and bring about the healing we truly desire, for ourselves and our world. This is no time to allow ourselves to be herded, unawares, into directions that lead –medically, politically, economically and at all levels – to our own disempowerment and ultimate destruction, all for the profits, and total control, of the powers-that-be.

We need to master those same levels of consciousness and energy by which we are now, unawares, being manipulated by outside forces. We need to stop out-sourcing our power, and reclaim our connection to our own Source, where infinite power lies. This is where our healing will come from, because it is the light of our true nature. It is this that will inevitably triumph over all illusion, darkness and deception. It cannot, by its nature, do otherwise.

This connection to the light within us and the greater energetic fields around us (subtle-energies and ecological) is the key to full-spectrum healing: boosting our natural immunity, creativity, resourcefulness, positive, mutually-nourishing relations with each other and our Earth — in short, the opening of a new chapter for humanity, in harmony with all life – loving, caring, inspired, regenerative – emanating from the deepest truth of our being, infinite, radiant and eternal. (This is true human “augmentation” – not through artificial intelligence but the natural wisdom at our core – and our true immortality!)

Stripping Away the Illusions, Letting Our True Light Shine

There are layers of distortions, illusions, as to how we perceive ourselves and our world, what we see as “truth” or “reality”. If we cannot see through the more superficial layers (which fortunately are surfacing at break-neck speed today), we cannot pierce through the deeper ones – to the truth of pure, open, unconditioned Consciousness at the centre. But once we start to peel back the superficial ones – the deceits, false narratives and corrupt agendas of the current social powers-that-be — we gain an entryway into our true power, true nature and true freedom. When we have the humility and courage to break through the veils of our social programming (familial, social, through the media and governments) we are well on our way – we gain a progressive momentum, energy and inspiration, a deeper pull to truth itself, that ultimately delivers us to our true freedom.

If we are to find that freedom, we need to draw on the interface of the visible and the invisible, the manifest and the hidden, as shamans and mystics have always done, but in more senses than one now. We need to draw back the veil, at the social level, on the way political forces are pulling our strings, right down to the subtlest levels of consciousness and energy (enabled by high-tech’s unprecedented capacities for energetic, electromagnetic, mind and social control) and then seize the reins of these hidden levels ourselves, aligned with the deepest powers of truth, light and wisdom, to manifest a new creation.

The darkness today may seem overwhelming, but if we meet it from this light, we will surely overcome. The challenges we are struggling with are the fuel of our higher evolution — as they are piled upon us, seemingly to the breaking point, let us surrender them, wholly, to the breakthrough of a new dawn. In the depths of your heart and mine, in these darkest times before the dawn, the light of a new world is breaking — may the light burn ever brighter, may the deathless flame of truth shine through us, and deliver us to that new world.

Kavita Byrd

Kavita Byrd works to bring together holistic consciousness and whole-systems change, with an emphasis on evolutionary spirituality and sacred activism. This includes research on ecology, the climate crisis and new economics, integrating spiritual wisdom and radical social action for evolutionary global transformation. She is author of the poetry collection Love Songs of the Undivided, as well as the book Quantum Co-Creative Revolution: We Are All In This Together.

This article was first published on June 22, 2022 at

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