Electroculture for the Veggie Plot

The Electro Vegeto Meter of Brother Paulin – an antenna fertilizing gardens with atmospheric electricity circa 1900

The Quest for New Understanding in Uncertain Times

The exciting thing about these uncertain times is the sudden torrent of new information arising around subjects we thought were settled long ago. Elements of basic Geography, History, Geology, Medicine, and many others are now in question. The possibility of improvements to daily life through better understanding fills me with anticipation.

Exploring Electroculture: A Shocking Approach to Gardening

As a vegetable gardener, I’m always looking for better ways to cultivate. I recently stumbled across a video about Electroculture, a way of harnessing aetheric electricity and regenerating soil. Written accounts and pictures of Electroculture devices go back to the early 1900s, but the method may be much older, possibly predating the discovery of electricity itself.

Unearthing the Potential: Electroculture’s Promises and Puzzles

My interest in the subject was purely to do with bigger, better harvests – apparently, you can expect a 100-300% increase in yield as well as healthier crops and reduced pest problems. Yet, I can’t help wondering, if Electroculture works so efficiently, why it isn’t more widely used?

The Dark Chapter: Suppression and Resurgence

From 1930 onwards, information about Electroculture was suppressed and censored, and its innovative champions – people like Justin Christofleau – were side-lined. Why? Because the success of Electroculture threatened the profits of tycoons selling nitrogenous fertilizer to farmers. We still believe that soil won’t yield good crops without fertilizer, but what if that was never true?

Spiral copper antenna close-up
veg garden
Pallet collar raised beds with spiral copper antennae

As a novice, I have no idea what will happen to this year’s crops now that I’ve installed a few homemade antennae. But I’m very excited about it and will report back later in the year. You can source copper wire at your local non-ferrous metal dealer by buying used electrical cables and stripping them – it’s great value compared to buying new.

José Lacey


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