Daily exercise to support your physical and mental health.

30-minute walk/jog/run.

We all have to start somewhere but no matter what shape you are in (when it comes to running) your nemesis is your own desire to achieve – if you allow yourself to win you WILL WIN.

Your physical body will always be able to do MORE than your brain is telling you – if you can go that little further each time, when your body hurts and you do not want to, then you will achieve more.


Many professional athletes, trainers and personal fitness coaches will have you stretching to ‘warm up’ – this is when you have an already high level of physical fitness.

Instead – warm up your bodies’ fuel intake – your LUNGS!

Perform 5 full minutes of deep breathes – in through your nose and out through your mouth – each inhale and exhale should feel a little discomforting – this is expanding your lungs and warming them up.


Speed is not important, the distance is. With distance and time, the improvement in speed will come naturally.

e.g. if you can run for a minute then walk for 30 seconds run again for another minute and repeat. Then, with each run/walk can you extend that minute to 1 minute 30 and cut down the walk to 15 seconds before you start again?

If this is repeated on a regular basis you will build up not only your stamina but also your lung capacity resulting in your being able to run for 10/15/20 minutes without the need for a walk. N.B. If on a run you feel the need to stop DON’T, slow to a walk, regain your breathing and then go again.


  • Your physical wellbeing and body toning.
  • 30 minutes of fresh air with valuable sunshine (natural Vit D).
  • Where possible, run without a cap and sunglasses.
  • Mental relaxation – thinking just about the run takes your mind off the other challenges in your life – these 30 minutes per day are invaluable.
  • Daily planning – many will say ‘I haven’t got the time’ but if you make the time, by changing your daily habits and routines, you will show yourself that everything and anything is possible with a little advanced planning.
  • When you get used to the exercise you will feel your energy levels for the remainder of the day INCREASE and you will have a better night’s sleep.
  • N.B. Do NOT run EVERY day, your body needs a rest to recuperate – I suggest 5 days, 30 minutes per day, then a couple of days off.

Water and warm down.

Ensure you have had a drunk sufficient water before your exercise and ensure you rehydrate yourself after your exercise.

Perform some basic warm down stretches and then, when you can, a weekly 40-minute bath with Epsom salts (as an example) will assist your body with its recovery.

Virtual assistance/advice/encouragement can and will be given via 07511 005198 or naj55223@gmail.com

Nathan Jones

Please be aware by undertaking any exercise you agree to take full responsibility for your own wellbeing, practice great self-care, and seek further professional assistance when needed.

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