The Community Group Directory has arrived!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new community group directory, which will replace the current hub directory.

As we organically move towards The People’s Alliance, encompassing all areas of community life, we felt it important that our directory reflect that shift and can be home to any community group that is aligned with our values, whether that be related to health, food, education or another area of focus.

Why Join the Directory?

The directory is intended to help people connect at local level and find what’s in their area. We hope to inspire collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas so that knowledge and resources can be shared across like-minded groups and organisations, creating a ripple effect of community-led action and support.

The interactive map allows people to search by location with ease and get in touch via the contact information. There is also an option to add details of volunteer positions, making it easier for people to see how they can get involved.

It is important to note that the current hub directory won’t feature on the new website so if you’re part of that directory and would still like to have visibility, you will need to join the community group directory before the launch in April.

The Registration Process

In this short video, Amanda runs through the registration process and shows you how to add a listing:

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